Eclectus parrot

The Eclectus parrot has sexual dimorphism. Males are generally green with blue at bend of wing, red under wing and sides of body. The female's plumage is generally red with dull purple across upper mantle, abdomen, and lower breast.

Fast Facts

  • Until the 20th century, male and female Eclectus parrots were thought to by two different species.
  • Eclectus parrots are extremely vocal and are not only excellent mimics of human speech, but can mimic sounds like alarms, whistles, and other tones.
  • Dominant mating pairs of Eclectus parrots will have helpers, which assist them in caring for the chicks.

Scientific name

Eclectus roratus
Range  Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia
Conservation status Least concern
Diet Herbivore
Zoo name(s) Max
Zoo location Education building

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