Black-handed spider monkey

Also known as Geoffrey's spider monkey, this species is the largest of the New World monkeys. The black-handed spider monkey's locomotion includes climbing, walking or running on four limbs along delicate branches, swinging from tree limb to tree limb using their arms. Their prehensile tail acts as a fifth limb for them. 

Fast Facts

  • Black-handed spider monkeys tend to from large social groups of 30 individuals; however larger groups have been observed.
  • Black-handed spider monkeys “bark," throw branches, shake tree limbs, and jump up and down when threatened.
  • These monkeys forage for food and primarily eat fruit.

Scientific name

Ateles geoffroyi
Range  Central and South America
Conservation status Endangered
Diet Omnivore
Zoo name(s) Malibu, George, Monji
Zoo location Monkey Moat

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