Some of the paths in the zoo are icy, please walk with caution. 

Domestic Cat

Domestic cats have been human companions for over 4,000 years when Egyptians first domesticated them. Like their wild relatives, domestic cats are agile hunters with light-reflecting eyes, acute hearing, and fast reflexes. Our domestic cats, especially Margo, love to greet guests at the gate. 

Fast Facts

  • Outdoor domestic cats kill an average of 2 billion birds and 12 billion mammals each year in the US alone. This is why it is important to keep your cats indoors to protect wildlife from this invasive species, your cat.
  • Researchers in Sweden are trying to figure out why cats meow at us and if they sound differently between regions. 
  • Domestic cats no matter their breed are all members of one species. 

Scientific name

Feline catus
Range  World Wide
Conservation status Not Evaluated
Diet Carnivore
Zoo location Admissions
Names Miss Kitty & Margo

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The Amarillo Zoo is located in Thompson Park. Take Hwy 287 North off of I-40, take the N. 24th Ave. exit and go West, turn right into Thompson Park and follow the signs to the Zoo parking lot.

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