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It's the wildest classroom in town!Zoo School: The wildest classroom in town!

Get your students excited about animals! We've got classes for every age group, from Pre-K through 6th grade, every child will have a blast learning about animals, their habitats, and our ecosystem.

Want to book a ZooSchool Program?

Call us at 806-381-7911. Program reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance and are subject to availability. Program times fill quickly during April-May, so be sure to book early!


Payment for ZooSchool Programs is due the day of the program. You can use cash, check (made out to Amarillo Zoo), credit card, or a school purchase order. Receipts can be obtained at the front gate upon check-in.

ZooSchool On-Site Programs

COVID-19 UPDATE: All programs can be done virtually. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Safari Show

Introduce your students to a variety of animals in an up-close experience in our outdoor amphitheater.
Fee: $2.00 per person (in addition to admission fees)
Min. Fee: $30.00
Maximum number of participants for this program is 60 people.

Classroom Programs

Fee: $2.00 per person (in addition to admission fees)
Min. Fee: $50
Class Size: Maximum 35 students + 5 adults

COVID-19 Update: Maximum 15 people allowed in the classroom.

Pre K – K (30 minutes)

  • Jungle Adventures- Students will meet and learn about exotic creatures from the tropical rainforest. Program will feature live animals including reptiles, amphibians, birds, and arthropods.
  • Fur, Feathers, Scales, and Slime- This program will explore the basic characteristics of the vertebrate classes, including birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

Grades 1-6 (30 minutes)

  • Animals Have Class- Fur, feathers, skin, and scales! This class explores how scientists group animals and investigates how body coverings enable animals to survive in their habitats.
  • Rainforest Adventures- We’ll discover the unique variety of reptiles, amphibians, birds, and invertebrates that live in rainforests throughout the world.
  • Insects and Spiders- We’ll take a close-up and hands-on look at spiders and insects from the Texas Panhandle and around the world!
  • Adapted for Survival- Animals can do some pretty amazing things to help them survive. Students will learn about camouflage, mimicry, and other elaborate defenses animals use to avoid becoming someone’s dinner.
  • Tales of Scales- Scaly and slimy creatures will greet your students as we learn about reptiles and amphibians found throughout the world. Students will see live examples of snakes, turtles and tortoises, toads, salamanders, and lizards.
  • Wild Texas- Learn the complexity of the ecological benefits of prairie dog communities. In this program, you will meet the animals that depend on prairie dog towns for food and shelter- including the endangered black-footed ferret.

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The Amarillo Zoo is located in Thompson Park. Take Hwy 287 North off of I-40, take the N. 24th Ave. exit and go West, turn right into Thompson Park and follow the signs to the Zoo parking lot.

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