Coyotes thrive in a variety of habits ranging from suburban areas, woodlands, prairies, wetlands, etc. These omnivores hunt for small mammals like rabbits and rodents. 

Fast Facts

  • Coyotes and badgers have been observed working together to catch prey. These two species will hunt ground squirrels and prairies dogs. The badger will dig up the rodent and if the rodent escapes through another exit then the coyote will be waiting at that exit. 
  • Coyotes howl to call the pack and others to come together in order to hunt.
  • Coyotes and red wolves have been known to breed together, creating a coyote hybrid. 

Scientific name

Canis latrans
Range  North America
Conservation status Least Concern
Diet Omnivore
Zoo name(s) Wylie & Luna
Zoo location Modules


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