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Become the proud parent of one of the Amarillo Zoo animals by participating in the Zoo Parent program. By symbolically adopting an animal through this program, you not only aid in the care and feeding of that animal, you also support important improvements and the growth of the Amarillo Zoo. Thank you!

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Why adopt an animal?

As a Zoo Parent, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the Amarillo Zoo and making a contribution to the welfare of the many animals that live here. Zoo Parent funds are used to provide special animal care, enrichment, special diets, and and exhibit improvements. They also help support important education and conservation programs at the Amarillo Zoo.

Who can be a Zoo Parent?

Our animal adoptions make great gifts for your children, family members, friends, co-workers, and employees. Anyone can adopt, including individuals or groups (classes, scout troops, businesses, etc.). School classes are especially encouraged to become adoptive parents; each child will receive a Zoo Parent wallet card. Group adoptions include wallet cards for up to 35 children.

How long does my Zoo Parent adoption last?

Adoptions run for one year from the date of purchase and can be renewed annually for as long as you wish.

Zoo Parent bumper sticker

Become a Zoo Parent in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1: Choose Your Wild Child

African Lion Bengal Tiger Black Bear Texas Longhorn
Bobcat Badger Serval African Crested Porcupine
Red Kangaroo Donkey Boer Goat Ring-tailed Lemur
Spider Monkey  Bison Elk Pronghorn
African Spurred Tortoise Yellow Anaconda Burmese Python Alligator Snapping Turtle
Pancake Tortoise Prairie Dog Striped Skunk Black-footed Ferret
Marine Toad Honduran Milksnake Blue-tongued Skink Brazilian Giant Cockroaches

Narragansett Turkey Green-winged Macaw    

Step 2: Choose Your Package

$50 Level Personalized Certificate of Adoption 
  Recognition on our Zoo Parent Kiosk
  Zoo Parent Bumper Sticker
$100 Level Perks of the $50 Level plus: 
  Animal fact sheet 
  5"x7" Photo of your animal
$250 Level Perks of the $100 Level plus: 
  Plush toy 
  Invitation to an exclusive Zoo Parents Party
$500 Level Perks of the $250 Level plus: 

Recognition name plate at the exhibit of your adopted animal 

  Personalized tour to learn more about your adopted animal 

Step 3: Choose Your Purchase Method


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Come visit us!

The Amarillo Zoo is located in Thompson Park. Take Hwy 287 North off of I-40, take the N. 24th Ave. exit and go West, turn right into Thompson Park and follow the signs to the Zoo parking lot.

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